• Try to keep bulky items (e.g. sofas, couches, cupboards) at the far end of your storage unit
• Don’t leave cupboards, drawers and bedside tables empty. They should be filled with smaller items to maximize capacity use
• Always store photo frames and mirrors standing upright and never flat on the floor
• Pack tightly to ensure that your belongings stay in good condition while stored
• Seal against dust. Use tape and furniture covers, boxes. These items can be purchased in our customer service office
• Label boxes and keep an inventory
• Don’t wrap with newspapers, they may stain if left for longer periods
• Make sure fluids are securely contained. Leakage can damage items below the source of the leak
• Place fragile and light items on top of the heavy stuff
• Items used frequently should always be placed at the front of your unit for easy access
• Shelving racks will help you maximize storage space and makes fast identification of goods simple

Items forbidden in our facility:
• Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods
• Firearms, munitions or explosives
• Radioactive materials
• Flammable or hazardous goods
• Living plants or animals
• Food or perishable goods
• Illegal goods such as drugs or stolen property
• Waste material

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