1When can I access my storage unit?
You have unlimited access to your storage unit during opening hours. You may enter the facility outside opening hours by prior arrangement, for the fee shown on our contact page.
2Who can access my unit, are my valuables safe?
You, or person(s) authorised by you, have sole access to your unit, as it will be locked with your own padlock and key. You can purchase padlocks in our customer service office.
3Are the stored items insured?
Yes, our company has liability insurance.
4Who helps with the loading?
Loading is your own responsibility. Our staff will help you choose the right loading equipment, which is provided for free. Please return the equipment once you are finished. Loading and moving personnel are only available to help by prior arrangement and for an hourly rate.
5Can I buy packing material in the customer service office?
Yes, you can buy packing material, boxes, tape, markers and padlocks in our office during opening hours.
6How can I pay for my unit?
You can pay for your storage unit at the agreed times by bank transfer or in cash.
7What documents do I need to bring with me?
When signing the rental contract you will have to present a valid ID or passport. These documents will be copied and kept on file.
8What is the temperature in the units?
In our facility we ensure that temperatures range between a minimum 5° Celsius and a maximum 25° Celsius.
9Which items may not be stored under any circumstances?
• Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods • Firearms, munitions or explosives • Radioactive materials • Flammable or hazardous goods • Living plants or animals • Food or perishable goods • Illegal goods such as drugs or stolen property • Rubbish, waste material
10What happens if I lose my padlock key?
You must change your padlock at your own expense. We will help you remove your old padlock.
11Which unit size should I choose?
Our on-site, trained customer service personnel will assist you in choosing the perfect unit. Please use our online size guide.
12Can I choose another unit once I signed the rental agreement?
You can change your storage unit if there is a suitable unit available for your needs. Please check at customer service for options.
13Can I smoke at the storage facility?
Smoking is strictly prohibited!!!
14What happens if I forget to pay for my unit?
We will place a second padlock on your unit. Once you have paid the due rental fee the padlock will be removed immediately and you can continue to use our facility.
15What is the shortest and longest rental period?
The shortest rental period is one month. Thereafter, part-months are charged by the day. You can rent a unit for as long as you wish.
16Where can I find answers to any other questions?
You can find detailed answers to all your questions in the Rental Contract, in our General Terms and Conditions and in our Facility Rules. We are happy to assist you over the phone or by email.
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