Article on Private Depot published in local Érd newspaper!

Article on Private Depot published in local Érd newspaper!

Tárolási lehetőség

Tárolási lehetőség

Article on Private Depot published in local Érd newspaper!

Whole text:

Are you looking for a place for your valuables? Are you moving? Do you need temporary storage for your furniture, vehicles, goods, or documents?

Modern and secure storage possibility in Törökbálint for households and businesses

“A new business filling a gap in the market, Private Depot Self-Storage opened their doors this summer in Törökbálint.  Customers can choose from numerous clean, dry, well-lit storage units as well as other storage facilities. The company can cater to every demand, from 1 m3 mini-storage options right up to rentable space hundreds of square metres in size. The minimum rental period is two weeks, but the storage units can even be booked for years. Thanks to flexible opening hours customers can access their belongings at practically any time. The storage facility is in the Törökbálint Depo, at the junction of the M1, M0 and M7 motorways, just 4 km to the west of Budapest, near Budaörs, Érd, Diósd, Törökbálint, Biatorbágy and Budakeszi.

Easily accessed, the facility is fenced off, well-lit and guarded. A round-the-clock camera system, alarm system, smoke and fire detection and protection ensure maximum security at Private Depot. There is free parking, and a convenient one floor layout means there is no need to use lifts. You can use the pallet trucks and trolleys at our storage facility for packing free of charge. We also provide a trailer – equally free of charge – for transporting your belongings to the facility. Everything you might need for the moving can be purchased in our customer service office. Boxes, locks and custom furniture covers are also on offer at huge discounts.”



Further information:   Tel.: + 30 70 944 80 80

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